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Carton Flap Sealer

The machine is designed to handle Cartons with pre-packed pouches. Pre-packed pouches are put into carton mannualy & the cartons are placed on the feeding conveyor,the m/c opens both the flaps with the openers & the carton moves into to a set of caterpillar conveyor the glue applied on both the flaps simultaneously, flaps folded & fed into a set of pressing conveyor resulting a packed carton

Glue Hot Melt
HOT MELT granules are heated in a hot chamber to liquid state, and the air at a pressure 2kg forces the material through a nozzle on the flaps.
Ordinary SS chamber with nozzles Two Numbers (One on each side)
Machine Capacity

Carton   Height 100mm to  250mm or  size reqd.
Carton Width 25mm to 40mm    30mm to 60mm    40mm to 100mm (select any range)
Carton Length upto 150mm,  200mm, 250mm (all ranges  with some change parts)
Speed Speed

Salient features

  • The Carton Feeding is on a belt conveyor and not a chain conveyor it require little skill & No risk in placing the carton on the conveyor
  • During the glue application the carton is held in between a set of caterpillar conveyor, it avoids bulging of cartons at the ends and also minimizes the chance of carton being damaged during folding.
  • The glue application is through nozzles and the quantity of glue applied is controlled through nozzle, m/c speed and air pressure
  • the glue application has no carton –no glue system ie when there is no carton no glue is coming through nozzles

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