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We use good quality primary products to produce excellent quality Belt Conveyor from conveying different items to be coded. The conveyor is moving at fixed as well as variable speed and the product is loaded manually against a guide.
Belt Width 250mm Belt Speed 10 M/per minute fixed or 5- 15 M/per minute variable.
Conv Width 450mm
Conv Length 1250mm Coding Position Top as Well as Side Coding
Height 720 adjustable on Aluminum Level Bolt. Optional Ink Jet holder
Conveyor With Pressure Roll Feeding
For easy feeding – carton, pouches and papers etc.

With Cam-Press Roll Feeding

For Bags and Large size pouches.

Conveyor with feeding guage
For Corrugated boxes.

Conveyor with Strips on Belt
For Round items such as capacitors bottles & jars etc.

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