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Glue Application Chamber

The chamber is an insulated(heat) Stainless Steel Chamber With one Or two nozzles for Glue dispensing. It is supplied as Pedal Operated for manual peration and air valve operated for auto operation on Glue M/C

Salint Features

  • The Chamber is Stainles Steel and not Aluminium It avoids chances of chamber bursting under pressure
    The glue flows through nozzles, the size of nozzle is 0.6 mm and above
    The glue applicaton is at an air pressure of one kg
    The tank capacity 0.5 and 1.0 kg
    The air chamber is supplied mounted on a suitable frame and with Control Panel
    The operation is pedal operated or auto operated
    Filling hotmelt granule is very easy, just unscrew the cap, fill the hotmelt granules and screw the cap.

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