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Multi - Feeder & Stacker for Offline Inkjet Printing

Out multi-feeder and stacker accommodates carton/pouches/labels on the feeding conveyor. The Conveyor picks up on carton/pouch/ Lid from the stack and slips it into a set of rollers and rolls move it on the printing conveyor. The black polyester belt is most suitable for inkjet printing, after printing the carton are collected on a stacking conveyor.

Salient Features:

  • Capable to print width wise and length wise
  • AC Frequency Drives facilitate variable speed
  • Separate Drives for Printing and Feeding
  • Accurate Feeding Registration
  • Need less manpower as for stacking of cartons on a conveyor only one man can do the job

Note : For ICE-CREAM CUP LIDS Two line feeder & For Party Packs, Combo,Big Carton Only Feeder & Printing Conveyor reqd

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